As a parent of small children, I know the frustrations of kids’ winter apparel.

Kids are so excited to go outside and play that they’ll often start the winter gear process themselves, and always in the wrong order. So you end up having to remove coats and boots to get the snowpants on. Once the snowpants are you, you have to struggle to get their boots on and in such a way that snow won’t find its way in (but it will anyway). Once the boots are on, they put on their coats and hats, and the search for gloves begins. They have the left one in their hands, but the right one could be anywhere in the house. Your child is sweating profusely by the time you finally find the right glove tucked into their stuffed animal bin where it was pretending to be a miniature sleeping bag for their smallest stuffed bunny. You return triumphantly, place the glove onto the child’s hand, and they tell you that they need to go potty.

This is parenthood in wintertime.

But what if the search for winter gear wasn’t a stressful chore, but a fun activity? Thanks to this downloadable VeggieTales activity sheet, maybe it can be. Click here to download.

So when your child comes in out of the cold, serve up some hot cocoa and this search and find sheet!


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